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Bespoke Art Weekends

Birthdays & Special Celebrations


Bespoke Art Weekends, Birthdays & Special Celebrations


Are you looking to combine something creative with a special celebration? We can help!

We offer tailor-made weekends or two-day retreats for you and your friends, family and colleagues.

We can arrange for camping, bonfires and charming alfresco feasts, all linked to creative and fun workshops in the studio.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking: make your own block print and print your design onto T-Shirts or aprons; spend the day walking and sketching, perhaps with a picnic; gather leaves, reeds and seeds to make nature-based art; cut stencils and decorate cards, pillowcases, even knickers!

Use our enquiry form or email and we will do our best to make your celebration spectacular!

Already Booked A Course

Have you already booked a course and now realize you have a special occasion happening at the same time? Get in touch and we will plan something to make the day unforgettable.


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